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MiddleTown Property Group’s subsidiary MiddleTown Development (MTD) is the arm focused on improving our properties and community. MTD has a vision for bringing back quality real estate at a reasonable price. We’re focused on developments that fill a specific niche in our market.

MiddleTown Development is committed to partnering with our local community to complete projects that are:

1) Economically Viable
• The numbers must work off existing rent rates, not fantasy future projections.
• There must be a demonstrated need for the development.

2) Increase the Tax Base
• MTD developments, when complete, should significantly add to the tax base – helping finance the communities we support.

3) Environmentally Friendly
• Every development adheres to multiple guidelines on green building.

4) Locally Financed & Developed
• MTD believes the money used to build something should come from and stay in that community.
• Whenever possible MTD uses local financial institutions, architects, craftsman, builders, and professionals.

Current Projects

Professional Housing, 45 units in Muncie, Indiana
• UNDER NEGOTIATION — check back soon for more details
• 45+ townhomes, sizes ranging from 800 to 2,200 sqft

Mixed Use River Development, 162 units in Muncie, Indiana
• UNDER NEGOTIATION — check back soon for more details
• Townhomes, apartments, live-work, and common area green space

River Edge Apartments, 16 units in Muncie, Indiana
• Currently in progress
• $200,000+ renovation of 16 unit apartment

Past Projects

The District Apartments- 1200 W Bethel Ave, Muncie, IN
$750,000+ renovation of 32 units

Restored Farmhouse – 2660 S Beneger Ave, Yorktown, IN
$100,000+ detailed renovation of 118 year old farm house

1930 Bungalow Restoration – 2001 N Glenwood Ave, Muncie, IN
$80,000+ transformation of 87 year old bungalow

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