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Investing in Real Estate can be your best investment or the worst ever. Everyone has heard the clichés of “location, location, location” and “real estate, they’re not making any more of it.” But they’ve also heard of countless investors losing everything and going bankrupt, our aim at MiddleTown is to help ensure your investment in real estate is backed by sound financials and expectations.
Market knowledge

If your aim is to get rich in California or Miami real estate, we’re not the firm for you. MTPG has a laser focus on Muncie, Indiana real estate. We know rent rates, repair costs, taxes, insurance, vacancy, etc for anything in Muncie, Indiana. It is our niche and we’re experts. Our focus is on student rentals, conventional housing, and commercial in Muncie. Each area has it’s own set of advantages, disadvantages and associated costs.

Property feasibility

There are some properties that even if you got for free, you’d still lose money on. That’s a sobering fact for many real estate investors. We will help you avoid the dogs, the pigs with lipstick and the actual money-pits. While your neighbor may have hit an alleged “home run” with his Ball State student rental, we’ll ground your expectations in our actual experience owning, renting and selling Ball State rental properties. MTPG can help create realistic pro-formas and renovation expectations with numbers based on actual historicals.


Analyzing a deal is one thing. Purchasing, financing and implementing is another. MTPG has directly been involved start-to-finish on over 300 units of Muncie real estate from acquisition and renovation to stabilization. MTPG has a network of bankers familiar with Muncie and the value of Muncie real estate, along with a network of insurance agents specializing in rental properties. We know a pro-forma and the first two years of ownership are sometimes night and day, but we can help make the pro-forma a reality — we’ve done it!

Maintenance & Disposition

While your plan might be to buy and hold forever, we know priorities change. MTPG has a network of investors and property owners always ready to buy more Muncie real estate. We can arrange sales of large portfolios in short amounts of time, ultimately saving investors money.

We want our property owners to make money so that, in turn, they continue to buy more properties for us to manage — our interests are aligned! Reach out today and let’s talk!

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